Dog No:
Award Tournament Date
Flyball Dog Maidstone 16.01.2011
Flyball Dog Intermediate The Mole Barn, Leatherhead Leisure Centre 27.03.2011
Flyball Dog Graduate Just Dogs Live, East of England Showground 09.07.2011
Flyball Dog Advanced Culverstone Recreation Ground, Culverstone Green 27.08.2011
Flyball Dog Silver West Woodlands Showground, Frome 19.05.2012
Flyball Dog Gold Great Barford 22.09.2012
Flyball Dog Ice Blue Moon Fairview Farm, Stockbridge 10.08.2013
Flyball Dog Platinum Apps Court Farm, Walton on Thames 14.06.2014
Flyball Dog Pearl Maidstone 18.01.2015
Flyball Dog Jade Darley Moor, Ashbourne 04.07.2015
Flyball Dog Chica Ardingly Showground 23.01.2016
Date Tournament Class Team Points
08.04.2017 Newbury Showground, Thatcham Limited Open Lightning Storm 235
18.03.2017 Peterborough Arena Limited Open Lightning Shocks 250
12.02.2017 Maidstone Limited Open Lightning Storm 250
15.01.2017 Maidstone Limited Open Grease Lightning 305
26.11.2016 Ardingly Showground Limited Open Lightning Strikes 390
13.11.2016 Maidstone Limited Open Lightning Strikes 400
09.10.2016 Maidstone Limited Open Lightning Strikes 400
02.10.2016 Greenacre School, Chatham Limited Open Lightning Flash 395
17.09.2016 Diana Brimblecombe Rescue Centre Limited Open Lightning Flash 375
03.09.2016 Padworth Village Hall, Reading Limited Open Lightning Flash 350