Committee Nominations

Nominee - Ali Kirk
Proposed by - Rachel Brown
Seconded by - Sharon Allcorn
Reasons -
Suitable Position - Since having been co-opted onto the committee in June, Alistair has now gained 7 months of experience of how the committee functions, and is well placed to continue working hard on behalf of the association. His skills and experience as an event co-ordinator mean he is highly organised, and very well suited to helping with the preparation and delivery of BFA Championship events.

Nominee - Val Currie
Proposed by - Lucy Hughes
Seconded by - Jenni Wallace
Reasons - Val has been a member of the BFA since 1999. In these 18 years she has been a judge, head judge, regional rep, editor of the Flyball Record for many years and is a current serving member of the Committee holding the post of treasurer. Since she took up this mantel she has implemented the use of on line banking and most importantly in the past year Val has liaised with HMRC and been at the helm of the introduction of VAT into the BFA finances. Val is a valued member of the Muskerhounds Flyball Team, her experience, support and never ending appetite for trying new things with her own and other team dogs is an example to us all. Her energy, enthusiasm and drive are second to none and often leaves us all feeling tired just watching her. Val has three dogs of her own, Lacey a rescued crossbreed who is the height dog for our top team, Pascoe a working cocker who she rehomed two years ago and Hettie who she rehomed and who is diabetic, despite her fears when Hettie was first diagnosed Val has adjusted to giving Hetty her daily insulin injections and keeps her to a routine no matter what or how busy she is, on top of this she also co-owns our hairy mop Paislee the beardie. Val has been a Head Judge for 14 years and is regularly seen dog measuring and around the rings at shows. She is an active member of the Judges Board since and before its inception. She always participates at the regional representative ring party training days and enjoys passing on her knowledge and listening and gaining new perspectives on our ever evolving sport. She is always eager to listen to new ideas and systems and weighs up the advantages/disadvantages to any proposals. She’s a great listener and confidant, always there with a friendly smile and open mind, never prejudging or jumping to conclusions, until she is fully aware of the facts and then she offers practical and lasting advice. Val is always there to offer advice, support and pass on her wisdom. She always shows great patience when helping people enjoy their flyball and get a better understanding of it. Val would love to continue to serve the membership to the best of her ability and to continue in her post as treasurer if possible in order to liaise with HMRC whilst the BFA continues with its smooth transition in introducing VAT protocols within the association. Val is committed and enthusiastic about flyball and the BFA and she would continue to give 100% to improving the profile of the BFA and taking the association forward into the future.
Suitable Position - Val would be good in any position with her knowledge and excellent people skills. She is currently treasurer and doing a good job of this and I think for continuity at his crucial time with the BFA working through its VAT obligations, it would be good for Val to continue in this role.

Nominee - Shian Corley
Proposed by - Bob Haworth
Seconded by - Lee Murray
Reasons - I would like to propose Shian for a position on the Committee. She has been a BFA member since 2009 and regularly supports tournaments North and South of the Scottish Border. Her team not only attends but also hosts both indoor and outdoor tournaments, and I believe this puts her in a good position to serve our diverse membership. She has been a qualified judge since 2014, when I had the pleasure of supervising her exam. I find her thoughtful and clear in her approach to problems, as well as able to see things from different perspectives. In the ring, she is calm and measured and if there is an issue, she tends to listen and then explain her decision. I find Shian to be level-headed and considerate, and I have no hesitation in recommending her, as I am certain she would be an asset to the Committee.
Suitable Position - In her working life, Shian is a chiropractor and I believe she would bring her positive attitude, compassion and professionalism to any role on the Committee. However, given her strong principles, her sense of vision and her ability to listen to people and to problem-solve, I would recommend her for a general role in which she has an overview or a role in mediation of complaints.

Nominee - Katie Burns
Proposed by - Emily Murdoch
Seconded by - Sue Allen
Reasons - Katie started playing flyball in 2001 with one of the first working cockers in the sport, Poppy, who wasn't the fastest but always tried hard. In 2004 Katie formed Carry on's and have gradually built up from two handler and four dogs into regularly running 4 open teams. Katie has been a committed regional rep since 2012 when the post made a come back and she has enjoyed helping teams in the area with queries and helping with training. Due to Katie's time in flyball she has seen changes made and understands the growth such an organisation has to do to support all of its members. During my many conversations with Katie one thing is clear, she thoroughly understands the sport and has come up with some interesting ideas upon reflection. She has always offered a balanced view of the sport. Katie's True passion is dog training though and working and understanding dogs and getting them to perform as well as they are capable of in all dog training, including agility, flyball and basic obedience. Katie believes there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a dog & handler you have invested time in, become a good flyball partnership.
Suitable Position - Katie works for the NHS as a registered pharmacy technician and looks at high cost drugs and performing audits. Because of Katie's work she is used to dealing with spreadsheets and complex data which would be an asset within the committee. Her commitment to the sport, her role as RR, her team and training is second to known and being in flyball for 16 years reflects her commitment further. She is always happy to give advice, share ideas and help problem solved when asked. Katie is also able effectively manage and support people. Her effective communication and ability to see both sides of an idea makes her an ideal candidate to join the committee.

Nominee - Donna Culley
Proposed by - Joe Lamont
Seconded by - Lynn Bradley
Reasons - Reasons: Donna started flyball some 9 years ago in 2008. In 2012 she gained her judge status and then went on in 2014 to become a Head Judge. Donna has also been the Height Card Administrator for the past 4 years which involves liaising with numerous teams and individuals on a regular basis. Not only this but she has been involved in the setting up and preparation for Outdoor Championships for 5 years so she has a full understanding and appreciation of the time and effort involved in such a large and well run event not just for the racing days. Donna has hosted two very successful seminars allowing over 400 members to benefit and further their flyball experience. She has been hosting tournaments since 2010 and WOW still hosts between 6 and 10 tournaments every year. In addition to this, she frequently invites other teams to join her team’s training sessions to enable others to work through their training issues with her. Donna is always willing to help teams across the country with her knowledge and experience. She is passionate about our sport and is totally committed to making it a sport for all. With this varied experience within the flyball community and her positive attitude I feel that Donna is in an ideal position to take up the role on the Committee and to continue to promote the BFA and everything it stands for.
Suitable Position - Donna’s experience, personal strengths and enthusiasm lends itself to any position within the Committee.