The Official BFA Open Seeding's List

Calculated on Sunday 29th May 2016
Includes tournaments up to Eastham (2323) on Sunday 22nd May 2016

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Seed Team Time Tournament
1 Jets (007) 16.90 Paws in the Park (14th May)
2 Shooting Star Comets (001E) 17.68 Paws in the Park (14th May)
3 Shooting Star Moonies (001F) 18.42 Brookfield (25th March)
4 Quantum Mechanics (402B) 18.62 Earls Barton (14th May)
5 Loud Crowd (401) 20.92 Hedsor Golf Club (7th May)
6 Shooting Star Rockets (001G) 21.21 Hedsor Golf Club (8th May)
7 Shooting Star Jokers (001A) 21.38 Maidstone (14th February)
8 Shooting Star Rebels (001D) 21.74 Cowgate Farm (1st May)
9 Quantum Stride (402A) 21.90 Earls Barton (14th May)
10 Loud and Proud (401C) 24.23 Earls Barton (14th May)